Transforming Children’s Spaces

A look at breakthrough design trends to engage children and families
Worship Facilities
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7 Steps to Budgeting Success

Budgeting is considered a necessary and sometimes frustrating process. Here is a plan to be more effective in creating the guardrails for your ministry.

Behind the Scenes of Famous Passion Play “The Thorn”

Popular touring Passion Play made even more inspirational using state-of-the-art entertainment technology including Elation Lighting and Video Enhance Drama.

Plug Load and Phantom Load

A focus on energy used by products that can be plugged into an AC outlet that adds up to around 20 percent of building electrical use.

Expert advice on Finding an AVL Consultant for your Church

How do you select an AVL consultant or integrator that’s right for your project? The experts weigh in to help you find a partner that's best for your particular ministry.

Getting the Biggest Change in Sound Quality for the Smallest Investment

An industry expert and long-time church audio tech gives sound advice when looking to upgrade your essential system components.

7 Steps to Reach More People with Less Money

Discover the building blocks of an effective digital strategy for your church.

Danley DBH-218 Sub Rocks the New Student Building at Dogwood Church

Exceptional low-end bass delivers for Dogwood's new youth facility.

The Pastor’s Guide to Audio, Video and Lighting

Avoiding pitfalls when traversing the jungles of audio, video and lighting

Worship Facilities Magazine Begins Research Project

Worship Facilities Magazine seeks churches to participate in church building projects research survey
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ROI, Return on Inspiration

Exclusive new research illuminates the Digital Church call for every community of faith.

How to Build a Communications and Content Team

To learn practical tips and ideas in the area of creativity, strategy and service.

Using Local Media Like Yelp and Facebook Advertising

WFX Conference Session Video: Social media provides unique opportunities to connect with people in specific geographic areas and should be considered a catch all solution to community outreach.
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