10 Budget-friendly Ideas to Promote Christmas at Church

What’s it going to take to reach more people at your church this year at Christmas? Here are great takeaways to get your plan together, now.

Phil Bowdle  ·  November 1, 2017

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Christmas is coming!

This fact means you’re probably reacting in one of two ways.

1) You’re rushing to find your favorite Christmas album or playlist so you can be ready to get in the Christmas spirit,

2) You’re already getting anxiety over how stressful the Christmas season will be…

We can all agree that Christmas provides us a unique opportunity for the church to connect and engage our congregation and our local community.

Do you know what it will involve to reach more people this year at Christmas? It takes a plan.

Unfortunately, the typical church I talk with doesn’t start thinking about their Christmas plans until they get back in the office after Thanksgiving.

That leaves little time to strategically communicate how people can worship with you at Christmas.

Think about it this way for promoting Christmas this year at your church….You can have it fast, cheap or great, but you can only pick two.

If you want to create a great promotional plan and it needs to be done at a moments notice, it won’t be cheap. If you have no budget and need to turn around your promotional plan fast, you’re probably not going to be happy with the results.

Don’t have a huge budget or communications leader on staff? That doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to be intentional this year about promoting Christmas to your congregation and community. It just means you need to be all the more planned out and strategic.

Some of the most successful promotional efforts I’ve executed with my church have been on less than $500. You can get further with a strategic plan on little or no budget than others might get with thousands.

10 Free or Inexpensive Ideas to Promote Christmas at Your Church

1.) Establish your elevator pitch
Why should someone come to your Christmas service this year? If you had 15 seconds to answer that question for someone that was on the fence, how would you answer it?

Come up with a simple and clear elevator pitch for why someone should come to Christmas this year. Try out the elevator pitch on a few people who will give you honest feedback, and make adjustments till you land on something that is effective. Once you land on your elevator pitch, you now have the foundation of how you can communicate Christmas at your church through stage announcements, bulletins, social media and everything else you may use.

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