10 LED Walls that Deliver on Clarity

Your church has decided to install a LED wall? The next hurdle is to figure out what manufacturer or model of LED wall will be the right fit for your worship space.

Andres Caamano  ·  June 14, 2017

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So your church has decided to install a LED wall over projection.

Now the next hurdle is to figure exactly what manufacturer or model of an LED wall would be the right fit for your worship space.

The manufacturers highlighted in this slideshow include Absen, Barco, Chauvet, Christie, Daktronics, Elation, Mega Systems, PixelFLEX, Planar/Leyard and ROE Visual.

For churches seeking a product that will last for many years to come, six of the ten are rated with a lifespan of 100,000 hours, those being the Absen N4, Christie Velvet Merit Series 4.0mm, Daktronics 4mm SMD, Elation EPT6iP, Leyard uEV5 and the PixelFLEX FGi-6. The remaining four in the group, the Barco V4e GII, Chauvet C6, Mega Systems I-501 and ROE Visual BO3, each rate at half that, at an estimated 50,000 hours.

Even with what seems to be a significant difference in lifespan, it should be noted that all of them should be seen as rating highly in that regard.

To give you an idea what “only” 50,000 hours amounts to, imagine leaving the LED wall on 24/7 immediately after it is installed. Using the 50,000 yardstick, that model would last nearly six years in such a hypothetical scenario.

And we all know that such equipment will often be used frequently, but by no means to the extent of being used nonstop each and every hour.

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