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3 Keys for Reaching More Families

Interested in reaching out to the families within your local community? Here are ways to become a church that intentionally creates space for parents.

WFM Staff  ·  October 24, 2017

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Over the years, we’ve seen and worked with many of today’s fastest-growing churches.

In every case, they have two main characteristics in common: they’re passionate about their unique mission and they’re reaching families by focusing on kids.

Reaching families is a foundational part of why we work hard to create ridiculously cool, fun environments for kids.

We’ve seen incredible growth from these churches. In every instance, there are three common and consistent keys we’ve seen from these churches, and we’ve shared them here to help your church become even more effective!

Reach the kids and you’ll reach the family.

Simply said, a visible investment in your children’s ministry sends a tangible message to your community that you care about kids and families. It’s a testimony of the church’s commitment to its kids. That’s why churches across the country are creating immersive, engaging environments for their children’s and youth ministries. Generally speaking, churches can expect an an average increase of 20 to 25 percent in kids’ attendance after creating intentional environments.

Some churches have even reported doubling their children’s’ attendance in a single year as a direct result of making kids feel welcomed and wanted.

Be Over-the-Top In Making Kids A Priority

Sure, churches love kids, but churches that put a priority on kids ministry make it clear that kids are a high priority. From the standpoint of first-time visitors, a visual statement says volumes and adds inestimable credibility to the ministry. “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”

Making kids a priority takes on a lot of little touches as well as some big statements. In whatever way you can, make it obvious to families which areas are made for the kids. From bold and fun signage, grand entrances, children’s hallways to efficient, organized and secure check-in areas, the key is to make the statement that kids are not just welcomed and safe; they’re invited to belong.

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