5 Conferences At WFX Conference & Expo 2018!

WFX Conference & Expo located in Orlando, FL on November 13 - 15 will offer five co-located conferences and the option to mix and match sessions to maximize your learning experience.

WFX Conference & Expo 2018 offers something for everyone on your church team in three full days of education and training with conferences offered in Communications, Tech Arts, Building and Construction, Safety and Security and Worship.

WFM Staff  ·  May 10, 2018

WFX Conference & Expo 2018 in Orlando, Florida on November 13-15 offers the most affordable and comprehensive learning experience available for today’s changing church.

WFX Conference & Expo 2018 offers something for everyone on your church team in three full days of education and training with conferences offered in Tech Arts, Building and Construction, Safety and Security, Communications, and Worship

We are here to make your jobs easier, offering you five co-located conferences and the option to mix and match sessions to maximize your learning experience.

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Buildings Conference
Engaging all Generations with Building Design, Projects, and Facilities Management

The needs and functionality of church buildings and the spaces within it are changing rapidly and churches need help in how they respond to the new demands.  This is true whether planning a new building, entering a new venue or like so many, making the most out of the existing space.

The WFX Building Conference de-mystifies today’s trends and clarifies the process of determining current and future needs.  This conference will inform on subjects including church design and construction, funding and finance, master planning, multi-site planning, church planting, how to oversee and manage improvements, day to day management and critical data related to safety & security.

The Building Conference is designed for pastors, executive pastors, administrators and other church leadership positions involved in strategic church planning and oversight.

Church Communications Conference
Harnessing Technology and Vision for Mission

The methods for reaching your community are advancing quickly and churches need to keep pace with today’s social media and communications best practices.  Whether you are a big or smaller church, the opportunity to reach the world is enormous. Unfortunately, most churches are not capitalizing on their potential due to lack of staff and know-how, or low prioritization.

The Church Communications Conference will unlock the potential of your church’s message through education, idea sharing and connection to a community of like-minded communicators.  This conference is the opportunity for you to change and transform the way you think, plan and execute your communication efforts.

The Church Communications Conference is designed for pastors, executive pastors, directors of communications, creative directors and other key roles involved in planning and executing Sunday services and church-wide communications efforts.  Sessions provide insights into church websites, communication plans, social media, service planning, church branding and marketing. 

Church Safety & Security Conference
Strategies and Tactics for Protection and Response

How does a church have out-stretched arms and genuinely welcome everyone in today’s uncertain and unpredictable state?  Creating a safe and secure place of worship does not mean we must compromise hospitality, but it does require training and a fresh perspective on how to responsibly prepare for and respond to threats.

The Church Safety & Security Conference is designed for pastors, executive pastors, facility managers and all ministries involved in maintaining a safe church environment. Sessions will provide pro-active steps and insights into security technology, access control, safety procedures, emergency planning and notification, active shooter response and tactics that can prevent and protect your buildings and church community.

The Tech Arts Conference
Training, Inspiring and Connecting the Church Tech Community

Worship technology is an ever-present reality of churches regardless of the style or tradition.  The evolution in service planning and execution has fallen on the shoulders of the Tech Arts Ministry and nobody knows the education and technology needs of a Tech Arts team better than WFX.  We’ve been training churches for more than twelve years.

The Tech Arts Conference is a fully immersive learning experience that delivers training, inspiration, and encouragement, along with insight into best practices, spiritual health, leadership and team development. Sessions include skill based learning for church sound, live mixing, lighting design, streaming and video broadcast, technology project planning and volunteer recruitment and training.

Worship Conference
Going Deeper and Bringing Others with You

We are made to be one with our creator and through our expressed worship, we offer God our sacrifice of praise and the highest form of prayer. Those called to lead their churches into an encounter with God have a special role and responsibility to prepare their hearts and grow their skills.  The WFX Worship Conference is an experience that will transform and embolden worship leaders, worship teams, song-writers, and musicians alike who have a desire to bring their best to any worship experience.

Sessions will bring singers and musicians together to learn important skills around preparing for worship, songwriting, clicks and loops, service planning, leading a worship team, song selection, rehearsals, recruiting, training a worship team and so much more.
Use promo code GRP3BV for an additional 20% discount off our buy 3, Get One 2 Day Conference FREE.



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