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5 Ministry Uses For Church KIOSKS

How can your church benefit from kiosks? Here's a look at various types of kiosks and the roles they each fill.

M Wagner  ·  January 24, 2017

Church kiosks have been present in churches for ages, but with new technology enabling new functions of kiosks, are there any new features you could benefit from?

Consider the traditional welcome center kiosk,  it plays an important role in visitors’ Sunday morning experience. Welcome center kiosks can be equipped with digital signage, allowing messages to go up quicker, and show more info through rotating slide features.

See 5 Uses for Church Kiosks Here

Moving on to children’s spaces, check-in kiosks are becoming quite common, allowing parents to print off name tags for their kids, and ensure a higher level of safety and security for kids.

In church cafes, info kiosks can be equipped with iPads or other tablets for looking up church info, or paying for orders. Many churches are also adopting kiosks for electronic offerings, in addition to more traditional offering boxes, which allow attendees to give without needing cash or checks.

Take a look through the slides and see if your church could benefit from any of the kiosks shown.


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