5 Steps to Making a Church Social Media Announcement (Engagement)

Here's what works extremely well for churches when making announcements to social media.

Mark MacDonald  ·  June 22, 2017

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This week, after weeks of prayer and meetings, I made an announcement about changes happening with our communication agency (watch it here: https://youtube/CWstjgT42gk). Having worked with churches to get better social media engagement, and experimenting with it ourselves, we were ready.

Here’s what we’ve discovered works extremely well.

5 important steps you should consider for Church Social Media:

1. Make it about “them”, not only “you”.

Communication fails or succeeds based on the audience. Don’t make it all about you; you’ll only get a certain interest. Instead, consider them and why they need to receive the announcement (fills a void), the impact the announcement will have on them (takes them forward), or how it will make them laugh (makes them feel good).

2. Create a great Headline.

This is critical and probably takes significant time. Make sure the headline intros your message (no bait and switch), uses language your audience recognizes, and is short enough to not be truncated by your post delivery.

Make it interesting, surprising, or informative in order to get someone to take the next step and click.

3. Add Video or an Image.

Most research says visuals engage more than a words-only post. Consider who should be seen in the image (make it look like them), what thumbnail will be viewed on embedded posts, and what words are delivered with it. This formula must interest your audience, so control all you can in order to get your audience to pay attention.

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Mark MacDonald
Is a Bible Teacher, speaker, best-selling author of Be Known For Something, and communication strategist for and the 3000+ churches of the Florida Baptist Convention. He empowers churches to become known for something relevant (a communication thread) throughout their ministries, websites, and social media. His book is available at and
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