7 Designs for Church Welcome Centers

There is an unlimited array of church welcome centers. Take a look at these different setups for ideas and inspiration to bring to your church.

M Wagner  ·  October 5, 2016

A welcome center is a critical yet often underappreciated part of your church, and is an integral part of a visitor’s first-time experience.

A a welcome center needs to not only be in a visible spot, but needs to be equipped with resources to provide to first time guests and regular attendees who may be interested in a special upcoming event. This area is also a key location where people can inquire about ministries and volunteer opportunities.

Is your welcome desk near your sanctuary entrance? Or is it closer to your main entrance or perhaps even your cafe? The optimal location certainly varies from church to church but putting yourself in the shoes of a first time guest and walking into the church from their perspective should give a good perspective on the most visible, accessible locations.

While friendly and welcoming volunteers staffing your welcome station are obviously the most important part of any welcome center, why stop there? A welcome center that not only fits in with your church’s look but also catches guest’s eyes, either with bold signage or a conspicuous location ensures that guests will know where to come for info, and will help facilitate conversation to welcome them into your church family.

Take a look through the following slides and see some different styles of welcome centers that churches are using.


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