7 Affordable Digital Signage Systems for Church

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Think that digital signage systems are only available to churches with large budgets? Think again.

Jim Kumorek  ·  June 29, 2017

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Digital signage systems used to be rare and expensive, there are now a plethora of options available – far more than we can list in this article. Here are examples discussed on church technical forums as options some churches are using and pleased with.

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While not a digital signage application per se, Dakboard turns a display into a digital picture frame that can overlay photos with things like RSS feeds.

You could create a JPEG slide deck that contains the information you want to display, such as event room assignments or announcements, or set up an RSS news feed that Dakboard would overlay on top of pictures you provide.

This could be useful for a small church that doesn’t need the scheduling capability of a full digital signage system.



Yodeck is a digital signage system designed around the Raspberry Pi.

No, this isn’t a desert or a misspelling. Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can cost as little as $30-40; a full Raspberry Pi kit with a case and power supply can be had for under $70.

The basic system for a single monitor is free; if you want multiple monitors you need to sign up for one of their paid plans. If you choose to pay annually instead of monthly, they will provide free media player hardware for each of your monitors.

Yodeck supports images, videos, text, and a variety of widgets that lets you display things like the weather forecast, web pages, and more.

It also supports creating a schedule for what presentations should be show on what monitors at what times. Management of your presentations and schedule is performed through their website.


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By switwicki on July 6, 2017

Just curious . . . as far as affordable, especially for smaller churches, have you ever checked out It’s totally free, can run on computer-driven screens or with what they call a MediaPlayer (several different versions) that is wirelessly connected to the internet, can be powered by the TV’s USB port and drives the screen thru the HDMI port. It’s totally run through the cloud. I think the MediaPlayers run about $150 to $250 depending on model. We started out driving our screens with old laptops on our network and eventually morphed to using their MediaPlayers.