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8 Church Entryway Designs: Curb Appeal of a Higher Calling

How does your building welcome people in? A look at the different strategies behind church entrance designs.

M Wagner  ·  October 18, 2016

First impressions are key.

For a first time visitor at a church, chances are your entryway will be one of their first impressions upon exiting their car.

An entryway that guides them into your church, complete with greeters and other smiling faces is a major step in ensuring they have an enjoyable experience.

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Many churches use ample window space around their entryways, allowing people to look in and get acquainted before even entering the building. By keeping an open view, guests will be able to scope out where they need to go more easily, and will give them a more favorable first impression of the facility.

Having an overhang or roof of some sort is another tool that churches use, for the practical reason of keeping attendees dry, but also allowing greeters to stand outside regardless of weather. This ensures that churches can have identical first time experiences on any Sunday, and is the first step in welcoming visitors into your church family.

Scroll through the following slides to see some ways that churches design their entryways to provide a welcoming experience.


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