8 Different Styles of Indoor Signage for Church

Replacing a hallway bulletin board with a sleek, digitally run solution that shares missions outreach with the church.

Looking to upgrade your church's signage? Take a look at the many options available for indoor signage available for the church.

M Wagner  ·  October 4, 2016

Effective signage is is a necessary tool for directing visitors and guests, as well as keeping the church body up-to-date with info on the latest events and gatherings.

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Ideally, proper signage should walk a potential first-time guest through their entire experience, while also adding to the overall visual look of the church.

No matter the size or style of your church, indoor signage which directs people from the parking lot to the sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, cafe, bathrooms, and youth rooms are key in ensuring overall satisfaction.

While traditional signage, painted signage and portable signage all serve key roles, digital signage offers a unique ability to keep your signage up to date with messaging, events, notifications, and even theming to match your sermon series or holiday decor and offers a responsiveness that can never come with printed signage.

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By PaulaJohnson on November 3, 2016