8 Habits of Healthy Spiritual Leaders

Every Christian is called to follow Christ wholeheartedly, to impact the world around them – and some are called to equip the Body of Christ as spiritual leaders.

Matt Brown  ·  March 30, 2017

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Our effectiveness as spiritual leaders is intrinsically linked to embodying what we want our people to do, and then sharing our successes and failures with them.

God calls, prepares and empowers spiritual leaders to lead His Church.

Spiritual leadership, however, is not a job for everybody. While every Christian is called to follow Christ wholeheartedly, and make an impact on the world around them - some are called to equip the Body of Christ as spiritual leaders.

Spiritual leadership is vitally important. People rise and fall to the level of our leadership. People are drawn into the Kingdom, and drawn into Christian service because of faithful, healthy spiritual leadership.

It is so important for those God calls to spiritual leadership to be eager to grow into everything God calls them to be.


Spiritual leadership is primarily about walking with God. It is His Kingdom, and His reign that we are seeking to establish, not our own. We must keep our hearts daily submissive to His Word and rule in our lives. We should seek to know Him more, and then make Him known to those we lead.

The primary way we walk with God is through engagement with His Word: reading, meditating, applying His eternal wisdom to our daily lives of spiritual leadership.

Spiritual leaders need to seek God more than they seek ministry. Their first priority everyday should be to know God more, to follow Him more wholeheartedly, and to grow in their knowledge of Him.

God may have called them to influence others for the sake of the gospel, but they know closeness to and obedience to God is the prize they are after. If Jesus isn’t the prize, you are running the wrong race.


As spiritual leaders, we should seek inner growth of character, wisdom and obedience more than outer growth of ministry impact.

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