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What Is A Virtual Live Design Process for Church Facilities?

At WFX 2016 Louisville, Kentucky with Live Design Group's, Aubrey Garrison who demonstrates their Live Design Process for church facilities.

WFM Staff  ·  December 19, 2016

At WFX 2016 Louisville, Kentucky with Live Design Group’s, Aubrey Garrison who demonstrates their Live Design Process for church facilities.

LIVE Design Group is a leading architectural and interior design firm noted for interacting with clients in a unique, collaborative and interactive process. 

Garrison’s firm is attracted to projects that contribute and encourage the development of community. Each building, each space, each outdoor area, all have the opportunity for bringing people together.


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By Judicia1 on January 28, 2018

Here, it is sharing a lot of instructions to get virtual process. Then we will find different items from custom writing articles to get facilities. That’s why? we all happy to receive the instructions and articles.


By jamessusan104 on December 19, 2017

The firms that are early adopters of VR are accomplishing wins with customers who are awed by the energy of the technology.Flamingo video Clients appreciate things that make their undertaking all the more genuine, and keeping in mind that 3-D liveliness was at one time an amazing, now it is universal. VR is the following cycle.


By ChrisWalker on February 13, 2017

The designing process is very impressive as it lets the client see what he can get. Further, if there are any doubts about the design or architecture in the site, the client can immediately suggest improvements. A great idea to incorporate such technology into architecture.