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A Look at 6 Modern Church Steeples

What do modern church steeples look like?

M Wagner  ·  October 20, 2016

Ask someone to draw a picture of a church and chances are they will have a steeple somewhere on the building. Nothing is more synonymous with churches than the classic church steeple, whether it be towering steeples of European cathedrals or a classic New England white church steeple. But with the way modern architecture is being pulled into some newer church designs, is the steeple still a staple feature of church buildings?

Steeples have always served the purpose of drawing ones eyes upwards toward heaven, but they also double by adding a sense of grandeur to churches, a difficult to describe awe-factor present in many classic churches around the world. Though many modern buildings still have steeples or tower projecting upwards, they often are designed in a much more modern way, sometimes in a more geometric manner, or even just a single cross pointing up into the sky. Some churches have decided to forgo steeples completely, often opting to display large crosses on the side of their building instead of on top.

Take a look through the following slides and see some modern examples of steeples.


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