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A New Way of Thinking About Fundraising for Church Construction

With a capital campaign, you could end up employing a number of techniques that feel justified based on the amount of cash they potentially can pull in, rather than their grounding in Scripture. There is a different way.

George Cladis  ·  February 20, 2018

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In my last article We Have a Really Ugly Church Building, I described the process we’ve gone through at Faith Community Church in Hopkinton, MA to reimagine our 95,000 square foot facility of ugly.

We hired new staff, created a new ministry model that better fits 21st Century New England, refocused our outlook to be more missional to our region, and revamped our programming and worship.

In order to house all of this new energy and vision, we contracted a design-build company, described in my last article, and now we’re equipped with multicolored floor plans, stunning graphics and cool animation of our proposed new space.

Now all we need is money.

It’s sort of like the hype that goes on when Powerball gets up around $600 million and people start imagining what they would do with all that dough. Well, we’ve done the imagining – a mere $14.5 million worth – and now we need a plan to raise it!

Goff, our design and build company suggested a number of capital campaign groups that came highly recommended. One of them stood out to me and our lead pastor, Mike Laurence: the Generis Company.

Mike liked them because they were in sync with a group called Generous Church.

The president of Generous Church, Patrick Johnson, led our congregation the year before in a spiritually mind-blowing process of understanding and growing in generosity. Generis and Generous Church do different things but use a lot of the same themes and emphases for Christian generosity.

Generous Churches helps congregations understand and grow in biblical generosity; Generis helps churches fund grand visions!

Generis also caught my eye because I read every word (who does that anymore?) of Chris Willard’s book Contagious Generosity: Creating a Culture of Giving in Your Church (Zondervan, 2012) – a book that led the way for me in shifting my thinking in how we talk about giving in the church. And Chris is one of the principles at Generis.

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