2015 New Product Awards



The DMM8 ULD digital automatic microphone mixer is ideal for houses of worship, large meetings and conferences. With up to 80 channels, a LAN interface via Ethernet and a highly sophisticated DANTETM chip it is a great tool in a variety of spoken word applications.

WFM Staff  ·  December 14, 2015


The DMM8 U digital automatic microphone mixer family is ideal for houses of worship, large meetings and conferences. Its DSP function ensures precise mixing of up to 80 channels by cascading up to 10 DMM8 U mixers. Two additional stereo audio outputs and one stereo USB offer additional routing options. Due to high signal-to-noise ratio, the DMM8 U also keeps noise from multiple open microphones to a minimum. Numerous DSP functions such as filters, compressor/limiter, ducking and routing make the DMM8 U a great fit in a variety of spoken word applications. The DMM8 U (UL, ULD) is made in Germany. The ULD version additionally offers a LAN interface via Ethernet to enable the control over large distances using, for instance, an AMX control system. Furthermore it incorporates a highly sophisticated DANTETM chip, all ins are available as direct outs, making it an outstanding tool for broadcast applications, while all outs are also available on the DANTETM stream. In total the DMM8 ULD provides 14 free assignable DANTETM outs. Additionally, 4 DANTETM streams can be used as inputs.


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