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Altman Worklight WL-130-*

The Altman Lighting Worklight WL-130, is a wide-throw, general lighting fixture.

WFM Staff  ·  August 1, 2014

MSRP $674.25

The Altman Lighting Worklight WL-130, is a wide-throw, general lighting, non-dimming fixture perfect for lighting tech areas, scene shops, warehouse space, black boxes, and other applications in which intense flood lighting is required. This fixture can be used to replace existing incandescent lighting fixtures, which likely carry higher operating costs due to lamp life, power draw and heat generation.

The Worklight WL-130 LED lighting fixture is convection cooled (without fan). It offers approximately 130W to power a 10,300 Lumen source and a color-rendering index (CRI) over 90, and standard 3,000K or 5,000K color temperatures.

WL-130 is available in yoke-mount, pendant-mount and cable-mount. Standard colors are black, white, and silver. The WL-130 is rated for 50,000 hours and comes with a standard three-year warranty.


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