2015 New Product Awards

Design & Construction


ATOMIC's newest backdrop product line, FASTwall, is easily assembled and adaptable, identical on both sides, builds to multiple heights in one wall and is specially designed to play with event lighting. FASTwall is the ground-supported, no tools required, assembly of inter-locking pieces that sets the stage for your sanctuary.

WFM Staff  ·  October 5, 2015

$25 per panel

ATOMIC, a creative company providing set construction, rental solutions, lighting, design and production services, just launched a new ground-support product line: FASTwall. Just one year after launching the award-winning SuperWall system, ATOMIC has produced another head-turning backdrop design to compliment the existing arsenal of “packs small, plays BIG” products. FASTwall, which stands for Flat-packing, Angled, Slot & Tab wall, uses the patented SuperLever connectors and can be assembled with absolutely no tools or additional hardware and is 100% ground supported. Built with modularity and logistics in mind, the FASTwall system packs completely flat and is easily assembled by interlocking the panels, creating a structurally sound, free-standing backdrop. FASTwall panels are designed by ATOMIC’s in-house Design Team and go through a rigorous R&D process to best serve designers and church planners’ needs. The FASTwall is identical on both sides and easily built to multiple heights in one wall, ideal for sanctuaries, partitions, lounge areas, stages and class rooms. The FASTwall build starts by connecting two unique FASTwall panels, each panel contains a slot to interlock, creating an “x” shape and becoming one unit of the FASTwall. The panels utilize ATOMIC’s patented connector system (that doesn’t require tools or additional hardware!) and connect to two bases. Each of the FASTwall units (two panels) will utilize two bases. FASTwall is specially designed to play with event lighting of all kinds and has a unique space built into the base to conceal internal lighting. Easily adaptable and moveable, the FASTwall is perfect for on-the-fly set changes.


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