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The AVERE 5 can light from Apollo Design represents the latest in LED fixtures.

WFM Staff  ·  August 1, 2014

MSRP $385

The AVERE 5 can light from Apollo Design represents the latest in LED fixtures. The light is built from machined, aircraft-grade aluminum for a durable yet aesthetically pleasing fixture. It features exceptional color rendering, build quality, upgradeability and ease of use.

The simplicity and durability of the AVERE 5 can is suited for the worship market. Worship center AV volunteers have a wide variety of experience. A fixture that is rugged and virtually “plug and go” is essential to both seasoned veterans and inexperienced volunteers in installing or modifying church lighting.

Flexibility is not sacrificed for simplicity. The AVERE 5 is designed to increase flexibility and cost effectiveness in the church market. The fixture has a standard 12-degree beam angle with an optional 30-degree beam that delivers incredible color-rendering indexes of 93 and 95 respectively. The LED bulb can be easily upgraded as the LED industry continues to improve in efficiency and light output. These features, along with the ability to use existing dimmer packs, barn doors, and gel frames foster creative lighting design while providing an ongoing cost-effective solution to the worship market.

The subtle aesthetics, including the custom white powder-coated fixture and white cords, enable the AVERE 5 to blend into any church setting and not distract from the worship message. If the worship center has a more colorful environment, such as a lobby or youth area, the AVERE 5 fixture is available in a wide variety of custom colors.

The AVERE 5 can light is engineered and built in the US and is a perfect fit for the church market. The fixture delivers all the features required to support the worship message in a subtle, flexible way while its durability and upgradeability deliver cost-effectiveness to all sizes of churches.


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