2016 Solomon Awards

Design & Construction

Centerpoint Church - Building Contractor

An empty dirt lot in Murrieta, CA, becomes refuge for the needy, shelter from the storm and shade from the heat as phase 3 of this design/build project for Centerpoint Church opens its new youth and administration building.

WFM Staff  ·  October 1, 2016

In 2010, we first met John Hanson, senior pastor of what was known as the Lamb’s Fellowship. They wanted to continue to develop a piece of property on Washington Avenue in Marietta not too far from the main high school.  When it came time for the expansion and construction of a new worship center, the leadership was concerned that the price-tag might be out of their range. Visioneering Studios was able to work with the church to help get the absolute maximum value for their limited budget, while still ensuring that the worship center would have a great look and functionality. The first phase was a 750 seat state-of-the-art worship center designed and built by the Visioneering Envision.Design.Build team.  The facility was designed to expand to 1,000 seats which will later integrate seamlessly into future site development.  In the words of their senior pastor, “Every local church should act in the same way by responding to a Christ-given calling that is specific to its people and community. Centerpoint is no different.”

Youth & Children’s Space (Centerpoint Church)

Murrieta, California
Project Size: 1-300 seats
Completion Date:June 25, 2015

Six years later, Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, CA continues to grow and impact the community as they open the third phase of their master plan in the Temescal Valley.  This 15,000 square foot youth and administration building combines twin venues that the junior high and high school use for activities and after school programs .  The twist being that the admin offices were placed over the top of these venues at an angle creating three intersecting porches.  A nice indoor/outdoor café, with frozen yogurt machine, lies in between the two venues with lounges, playgrounds and courtyards that leads to a welcome pavilion that follows the simple agrarian form of the rest of the campus.  The intention was to capture the view of the main traffic on Washington Avenue, just southwest of the campus.

They still plan on building a park pavilion, prayer trails and garden spaces and renovate the older children’s building as well as add-on the other 300 seats to the main worship center.  The main statement behind creating the fold as a place of safety and refuge, refuge from life, refuge from the heat and the elements creating a place where people can gather. The centerpiece of the project is still yet to be developed:  watering your soul and watering your life.

Isaiah 25:4 states, “You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat”, and was the vision in 2010 when we developed the master plan for Centerpoint Church and has become the main theme of this campus.


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