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Designing A Church Facility For Growth: 4 Key Elements

A WFX REACH 2017 presenter, Derek DeGroot authors this article for churches who are wanting to ignite a culture of strategic expansion.

Derek DeGroot  ·  November 20, 2017

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If your ministry desires to ignite a culture of strategic expansion, then you and your team will have to build for one–literally.

But buildings require time and capital. For some churches, especially those that are focused on reaching more people for Christ as quickly as possible, the thought of building new campuses or investing in permanent space seems at odds with a nimble, frugal approach to launching multiple congregations.

Aspen Group, as founders of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN), commissioned Barna Group to research the impact of today’s various methods and models for church expansion. We wondered what role facilities play in reaching more people with the Gospel and fueling a church’s growth strategy. Does a building inhibit a church’s ability to expand, or does it actually help create steady, sustainable growth?

Four key themes emerged in our More Than Multisite research in regards to designing and planning for multiple church facilities:

1. Design The Experience

The setting we select to gather God’s people tells a story—both about the space itself and about the people occupying it. The physical place a church chooses to call “home” says something about that church—who it is, what it values, and how it reaches and disciples people in the context of our culture.

Selecting or designing a space that doesn’t match your church’s DNA will create a disconnect with people. Thoughtful, intentional design, on the other hand, creates a sense of consistency and trust with your congregants and church guests.

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