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DIY Design Trends for Church Youth Spaces

Are you looking to make some upgrades to your church's youth or children's spaces? Here are seven ideas to add character through furniture and flooring.

M Wagner  ·  July 7, 2017

Are you looking to make some upgrades to your church’s youth or children’s spaces? How about considering and upgrade to the flooring or furniture of the room?

For children’s spaces, color is king. Brightly colored or patterned flooring can help pull together a room’s theme, or serve to just brighten up a space.
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With furniture, the same logic holds true. Adding colorful furniture or play equipment adds excitement to a room and gives energy to the children.

For youth spaces, the color palettes are obviously a bit different, with the current popular color palettes being those mimicking coffeeshops or urban environments: darker colors, earth tones, and geometric patterns or lines create an atmosphere that teens will love - and provide backgrounds for pictures of them and their friends for pictures. Likewise with furniture, minimalist styles and trendy furniture complete the room’s look.

In the following slides you’ll find inspiration and ideas for improving your youth and children’s spaces through furniture and flooring.


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