Eye-Opening Lights at Youth Breakaway

High impace visual effects are a natural pairing with youth ministry events. Some may even take you by surprise.

WFM Staff  ·  April 20, 2017

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The high-impact visual effect that a dozen or so ACL 360 Bars can make in a stage design can sometimes take you by surprise.

That eye-opening effect was perfectly exemplified when lighting designer Justin Litterio turned to Elation’s popular rotating LED color-changing batten for Calvary Church’s recent NXT Breakaway events.

NXT is a high school youth group located at Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois, and Breakaway is their annual winter weekend retreat of activities, competitions, worship and music.

Justin has been designing the lighting for the Breakaway events for the past couple of years and this year turned to the ACL 360 Bar to light musical acts at two separate retreats, one in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, from January 14th-16th and another February 18th-20th in Carlinville, Illinois. 

“I chose the ACL 360 Bars for their bright blade-like look,” says Justin, who has spec’d the ACL 360 Bar fixtures on other events but says this was his first time operating them. “Coupled with their 360-degree motion and pixel map ability, I was able to create dynamic looks as well as motion texture backgrounds from the same light.”

Justin placed the fixtures on truss towers in vertical groups of three at staggered heights to provide eye candy as well as textured backgrounds -  impressionable looks that filled the stage in sweeps of narrow-beamed, colored light. He said that the look was so well received that other youth groups at the event were asking for the same gear for their retreats.

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