Elation DTW Series Variable-White Par and Bar LED Lights Now Available

DTW Par 300 Fixture by Elation

An excellent choice when variable white light is required in broadcast, theatrical and conventional lighting situations.

WFM Staff  ·  July 19, 2016

The first products in Elation Professional’s new DTW Series of variable white LED lights are now available. An excellent choice when variable white light is required in broadcast, theatrical and conventional lighting situations, DTW Series fixtures are color temperature adjustable and can emulate the “Dim to Warm” look of conventional tungsten / halogen fixtures.

Optimized to give the finest in variable white light, available now are the DTW Par 300, DTW Par Z19 IP and DTW Bar 1000. All three fixtures feature full color temperature range control from 2,700K - 6,500K plus independent Dim-to-Warm channel control from 1,800K –to 3,200K for accurate rendition of traditional tungsten halogen lamps.

All DTW Series fixtures include extremely smooth dimming with variable dimming curve modes, strobe and chase effects included.


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