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eSPACE Integrates with Network Thermostat Energy Management Systems

With the number one influencer of facility utility bills being attributed to heating and cooling costs, eSPACE has announced its development of COOLSPACE that seamlessly integrates with Network Thermostats to assist in cost control.

WFM Staff  ·  April 6, 2018

To assist organizations in increasing energy and operational efficiency, eSPACE a division of Cool Solutions Group is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Network Thermostat of Grapevine, Texas to integrate with the leader in Church Facility Management Software - eSPACE. eSPACE has developed an HVAC Integration feature called COOLSPACE that now will integrate with Network Thermostats.

The number one cost influencer to your utility bills can be attributed to the cost of heating and cooling your facility. And the 2 factors that are the root cause of most inefficiencies is “controls” and “behaviors.” Given these facts, this integration can be a leading factor in assisting your organization be a better steward of your facilities.

Since 1995, Network Thermostat maintains the position of industry leader in providing Internet Thermostat solutions for facilities, small businesses, and commercial or light industrial applications.

With the COOLSPACE/eSPACE integration, you can easily schedule all the events in your facility and know that the HVAC systems will respond to each event as they occur. Not only can you realize energy savings with improved HVAC run-times, your facility staff is able to devote more time to other needs as the scheduling will be seamless and automatic.

To learn more, contact our team of specialists at eSPACE!


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By James L. Horton on April 15, 2018

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