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Event Hosting Can Be Rewarding – If Done Right

Renting out your church facilities to outside groups for non-church related events and activities can be beneficial – if you follow some simple rules and avoid making these common mistakes.

Martin Sinderman  ·  April 30, 2018

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Renting out the facilities of your church to outside groups for non-church related events and activities can be beneficial in a number of ways – if you follow some simple rules and avoid making some common mistakes.

Why would a church want to rent out space for non-church events in the first place?

The rationale for doing this goes well beyond generating income to pay off the mortgage or cover other expenses, and plays a part in the special role a church facility can play in the community at large.

Think in terms of whether you think of your church facility as being built to serve as a “temple” or as a “well,” says Tim Cool, chief solutions officer for Cool Solutions Group, a Charlotte, N.C.-based provider of software solutions for church facility management.

The temple vs. well concept is fairly simple – yet profound, he notes. It is based on the John 4 passage where Jesus and the Samaritan woman meet at a well, first sharing physical water, then evolving into sharing “living water,” i.e., a relationship with Jesus

In the world of church development, “We have been notorious in building temples – buildings that are used one or two days a week, places that people in our community believe you have to act, look, and smell a certain way in order to enter, with too many real or perceived ‘thou shalt not’ rules,” Cool explains.

Instead of temples, churches should aspire to be wells, i.e., places where, historically, people in the community have gathered daily not just to get water, but also to interact socially, and grow spiritually, as they “share life” with their neighbors.

“The concept is that we need to look for opportunities to develop ‘wells’ on our [church] campuses and within our communities – not just temples,” says Cool.
“As you think about your church facilities and campus, think about what ‘wells’ you are providing your community for these kinds of encounters,” he adds.

The theological and philosophical benefits of utilizing your church to providing community “wells” for spreading the Word aside, according to Cool there are a number of practical aspects that need to be taken into consideration when renting out your church facilities for events.

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Martin Sinderman is an Atlanta-based freelance writer.
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