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High School Musical at an Auditorium of Dreams

In an investment for students, Valor Christian High School builds a state-of-the-art performance venue.

Keith Loria  ·  December 29, 2017

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The school’s stated goal is to be the premiere Christian arts high school in the country.

When Valor Christian High School first opened its doors in 2007, the Highlands Ranch, Col., school set out on a mission to provide its students with the opportunity to achieve the highest level of academic, artistic and athletic achievement possible with a motto, “Influence Through Excellence.”

The school’s stated goal is to be the premiere Christian arts high school in the country.

Jody Goff, director of finance and operations for the school, said one of the keys of bringing this vision was the development of a top-of-the-line, technologically-advanced performing arts center. So, in 2013, it set plans in motion for the Valor Center for Culture and Influence.

A Grand Plan

The new state-of-the-art center, which was to encompass theater, film, music, animation, dancing, design, studio arts and photography, would showcase media and arts, which are crucial to the school’s culture. The plan’s scope also aimed at improving the school’s connection with their surrounding communities.

Kurt Butler, owner of Butler Engineering & Technology Group, was hired for the job and served as the school’s liaison for all aspects of technology on the $9 million project.

“We interviewed the entire staff to determine everything they dreamed of utilizing if given such a building. As a result we ended up establishing a technical programing document to outline their goals,” Butler says. “In the end, we did everything related to AVL and acoustics, as well as IT and security.”

Although not in on the original schematics for the development, Butler and his team integrated quickly with the rest of the design team and went forth with a full design for IT and security.

It was then that Butler reached out to Bill Simmons, senior lighting designer of Clair Solutions – who is known for his live production expertise - to ask if the company would take on Christian Valor in a design/build effort. Progress was soon underway. The two had partnered together previously on numerous churches, where they shared a solid give-and-take relationship.

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Keith Loria is a freelance writer and father.
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