Install of Clair Bros New C12: A First at Life Center Ministries

Photo Credit: 2017 Preston Groff
Recent performance during the Supernatural Conference held at Life Center Ministries this past September.

Constructing a new balcony within a former industrial building will accommodate more attendees, but required LCM to consider a strategic approach when expanding their sound system.

Alison Istnick  ·  December 13, 2017

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With perseverance, a vision and a good message, a congregation can grow beyond expectation. Such is the case with Life Center Ministries in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a church that has continued to expand since its formation in 1978 as Word Fellowship. In 1994, it adopted the name Life Center, attracting exponentially more attendees that, in turn, required a larger location.

So, in 1999, the congregation moved into a spacious industrial building, a former AMP Corporation showroom. So, perfect was the space that a close friend of the church declared that God was giving them an AMP and that their sound would be AMPlified – a prophesy that could not be more accurate.

Enter Clair Brothers in 2015, whose role in helping to fulfill the Life Center AMPlification can’t be overlooked.

While performing minor upgrades to amplifiers and mixing consoles, Clair Brothers has witnessed the church’s continuous growth and has been there every step of the way, right up to today, where we find Life Center constructing a new balcony within its AMP space to accommodate even more new attendees.

The church has shown interest in purchasing a new PA system to replace what they’ve been using for fifteen years. But until now they’ve been waiting to evaluate their needs with regard to the architectural addition of a balcony under a twenty-three-foot bar joist ceiling.

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