Introducing the ARIA Acoustical Shell System

Easily assembled, lightweight and movable, the shell’s towers and ceiling panels fit together to create an acoustically sound enclosure for any worship space.

WFM Staff  ·  February 8, 2017

Staging Concepts, industry leader in portable staging equipment and performing arts solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its newest product offering: the Aria™ Acoustical Shell System. A highly anticipated addition to the product line, the Aria Acoustical Shell System offers highly-engineered towers and ceiling panels that reflect sound to create a resounding performance space. Aria is a unique and cost-effective solution that enables the band, chorus or orchestra to deliver their best performance.

The perfect solution for school auditoriums and community theaters, the Aria Acoustical Shell towers span approximately eight feet wide and incorporate panels with a honeycomb core, allowing for effortless transport and assembly. The system comes standard with casters that lock into place to ensure safe, sturdy transport and movement.  The intuitive design allows operators to readily reconfigure or move the shell within minutes by inserting a T-handle into the base of each tower.

“We are thrilled about the addition of the Aria Acoustical Shell to our existing acoustical product line. We are continuing to grow as a solution provider and are excited to provide our clients with multiple options for this market. The Aria offers the latest in design and acoustical technology,” says Bob Randall, V.P. of Staging Concepts.

The Aria offers a visual aesthetic unlike any other of its kind — constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and widespread acoustical panels made with a phenolic honeycomb core, the shell’s towers and ceiling panels fit together to create an acoustically sound enclosure for any space. Ensuring a drastic improvement in sound quality, performers and audiences alike will appreciate the enhanced sound projection and beauty of the Aria.

Fully customizable, the Aria can be finished with endless styles of paint or laminate to match the aesthetics of any space. Shell ceiling panels can incorporate virtually any light fixture from any manufacturer to ensure your stage is well lit to create a stunning look for the audience and ensure performers are able to operate seamlessly. For more information on the Aria, visit


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By irwinmenson on March 20, 2017

Will there be a custom color specter for the Aria to be adapted to each surrounding? Visual aesthetics on which I asked the guys to write my essay for me is here as a prerogative.