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Ultra-Efficient Heating and Cooling at Century-Old Ministry

Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt turn to Green Star Energy Solutions and Fujitsu to retrofit historic convent with ultra-efficient heating and cooling system.

Jeremy Mika  ·  April 6, 2017

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What do you do when you have a 100-year-old building and you are trying to be good stewards of your resources as well as the planet? This is just the dilemma that the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt found themselves in.

Ministering out of Blauvelt, NY, the sisters occupied a century old convent which ran on antiquated steam heat, window unit air conditioning and zero insulation.

Absolutely pivotal to their ministry and livelihood, the 100,000 square foot convent, which was originally constructed in 1878, houses administrative offices, living spaces, nursing facilities, convalescence care and a large chapel.

Faced with this dilemma, the sisters turned to Green Star Energy Solutions for help. Green Star specializes in the prioritization of energy efficiency, comfort and safety in developing heating, cooling and insulation solutions for their customers.

“We specialize in making existing buildings energy efficient, comfortable and sustainable,” said Joe Novella, Green Star Energy Solutions founder. “At St. Dominic’s we were dealing with an uncomfortable space to live and work in that was crippling the sisters with high heating and cooling costs. This is exactly what our business exists for.”

Novella and his team work to provide “holistic efficiency” in the homes and businesses of their clients. To do this at St. Dominic’s convent, Green Star implemented three months’ worth of design reviews in an effort to combat not only the challenges of an antiquated electrical system, but also the unique issues that arise when working in a historic convent.

“The convent has two residential floors, a medical floor, a community floor and a worship floor It is a very mixed-use type of facility. Our design had to address all of these various applications and we had to ensure that these spaces would remain dust free during installation,” tells Novella.

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