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Solomon Awards New Life Church

New Life Church required a new, fresh and inviting identity for their old, tired and unwelcoming facility that reflected their mission of, "Helping People find and Follow Jesus," a place of refuge in the community. A beacon of light and hope was created where "New Life" and connections can begin.

WFM Staff  ·  September 26, 2017

New Life Church required a new, fresh and inviting identity for their old, tired and unwelcoming facility that reflected their mission of, “Helping People find and Follow Jesus,” a place of refuge in the community. 

A beacon of light and hope was created where New Life and connections can begin. 

The existing building, located at the top of the hill, in Pierre had no connections to the community and essentially had, “It’s back turned,” to those who sought New Life.  The building wasn’t communicating to the community what they wanted to communicate. 

A new pastor and his wife arrived with fresh vision, they changed the church name and had clear goals for growth by reaching the community through creating environments where people want to bring their friends, that was inviting, that was creative and new guest focused.  The team was open to “anything.” 

With a modest project budget of just under $1.40 million, the main project priority was to strengthen New Life’s identity with a quality first impression, hospitality third place that was focused to the street, to the neighborhood and to the entire community of Pierre. 

This was accomplished with a modest 1,300 square foot curved entrance facade that floods the lobby now with natural light, enhances connections to the exterior and a wonderful guest services desk where one is greeted by a smiling volunteer. 

There are a variety of seating options designed that enhance the experience. 

Tables and chairs are available in the cafe for small groups to gather or soft seating clusters for a more intimate conversation. 

Way finding is improved, visible and clear to the coffee bar, to children’s ministry check-in or to Worship which is identified by a crisp green wall.  All creating an environment that now communicates, “New Life is a welcoming community.” 

The existing worship center was completely updated to renew and engage the church’s guests of all generations through an enlarged platform, through increased seating capacity with new theater seating to seat 340 people, fresh finishes and new sound, video and lighting.  All of which allowed them to do their ministry more effectively and with relevance.  62% or just over 13,000 square feet of the existing 21,000 square foot building was either refreshed or remodeled and brought up to date to reach the next generation in Pierre including the following:    - A paisley carpeted Fellowship Hall was refreshed to a sophisticated multi-use student ministry space.

The children’s ministry space now reflects a fresh vision for hosting kids and engaging them in a meaning full way.  The entire building now reflects who they are and communicates that they are an “Outreach Church,” an environment where people want to bring their friends!


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