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Church Design: Much More Than A Facade-Lift

Studio Four Design successfully helped Northstar church to expand their ministry by transforming an existing traditional church structure into a new facility.

WFM Staff  ·  February 2, 2017

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Seeking to plant a new church in the South Knoxville, Northstar Church was able to merge with an established church that had an existing facility located located along a main highway within that community.  The existing building had a seating capacity of about 300 but the old building was lacking in several key areas.

The exterior of the building, while in sound structural condition was dated and did not reflect the brand of their ministry.  The lobby space was very small and inefficient lacking the ability to have a community and fellowship environment that is critical to their culture at their West Knoxville main campus. 

New Construction/Renovation of Existing Building (Northstar Church - South Campus)

Taylor Mill, Tennessee
Project Size: 1-300 Seats
Completion Date: November 16, 2015

Looking for a solution, Northstar engaged with Studio Four Design to not only solve the need for additional space for their lobby and connection center, but to also create a new look and identity for the building that would reflect the Northstar brand and draw in those who were looking for something new and fresh in a church experience.

The design solution including removing the front façade and steeple from the building and providing a 1,000sf addition to expand the lobby space and provide new restroom facilities.  The addition features a large, inviting glass façade that faces the South Knoxville community.  The exterior skin consists of new materials including metal panels and CMU and the existing brick was painted to introduce a new color scheme to the facility.  A green canopy reflecting the church’s logo color provides an accent and identifies the points of entry into the building.

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