2015 New Product Awards


Mercury Speakers

OWI INC. a manufacturer of Loudspeakers, expanding it's choice in a series of High Celing Pendant Speakers for ease of installation and area coverage of sound disperson. Special application speakers for Meeting rooms, Class rooms, etc. UL Listed. www.owi-inc.com

WFM Staff  ·  October 5, 2015

$650 each

MODEL: MERCURY 8764, Selectable 70 Volt - 64 Watts or 8 Ohm - 150 Watts, Pendant Speaker; 360 degree sound with full 180 degree disperson. Matching Sub-Woofer; Model MSUB10. Height at 15 feet the area coverage is approximately 3,117 Square Feet. Clear-cut Voice and Music. Easy to install in High Ceiling. included two 20 feet Gripple Seismic Restraint Cables. Avalable colors - Black or White


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