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Rediscovering Community with Church Facility Renovation

Photo Credit: Aspen Group/Pete Christie
Christ The Rock Community Church (CTR), located in rural Menasha, Wisconsin.

A non-denominational church with a deep heart for authenticity and relationships redesigns its space to align with its vision and culture.

WFM Staff  ·  June 26, 2017

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Christ The Rock Community Church (CTR), located in rural Menasha, Wisconsin, is a non-denominational church with a deep heart for authenticity and relationships. With a mission to “seek the lost, love the hurting, and disciple believers to do the same,” the church extends its arms and opens its doors to foster the vision that everyone, no matter their condition, can know and worship Jesus.

The church’s leadership team came to the realization, however, that their facilities were not suited to best accomplish the church’s mission. Their vision was to become a central place within the community for connecting and cultivating relationships, but this wasn’t happening to the extent that they felt called.

Derek Degroot, Aspen Group‘s lead architect for the Christ The Rock remodel noticed the same problem. “Upon seeing the existing church building the first time, I immediately saw the opportunity within the lobby space. It had all the “bones” of a great space: centrally located, good volume, and good visibility. But it didn’t feel like the people I had met at Christ The Rock. It was clearly lacking the intimacy that mirrored their mission, and I knew we could redesign it for a more effective flow and an ability to connect with others.”

Designing for DNA

Where the lobby once felt like a cavernous open space, guests now find themselves in a beautiful, open, circle-type lobby featuring a two-story brick fireplace as the centerpiece. Warm lighting and wood accents give the space a comfortable, homey feel. Music plays quietly in the background, and the fireplace and café invite you to relax and stay awhile.

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