10 Personal Monitor Mixers for Church

Personal monitor mix systems, technology that allows band members to create their own monitor mixes, are increasingly popular in houses of worship. Ten years ago there were few available, today there are many manufacturers. Here's a selection suited for church use.

Jim Kumorek  ·  March 19, 2018

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While every band member would probably like to have a personal audio engineer working on their own monitor mix, few churches can manage to have a second audio engineer on board for every event dedicated to working with the band on their monitor settings. And while the FOH engineer (front-of-house) could do double-duty handling both the house mix and the monitor mixes, you can’t pay close attention to both at the same time.

Thus, personal monitor mix systems, technology that allows band members to create their own monitor mixes, has been incredibly popular in houses of worship. Ten years ago there were very few manufacturers in that market space; today there are quite a few, ranging from companies that specialize in the personal monitor mixer market to audio console manufacturers who have developed systems for their product line.

Features also vary significantly, from the number of channels each monitor mixer can handle, to whether the audio engineer at the FOH console can access a musician’s monitor mixer remotely if that musician needs assistance with their mix.

Features you will want to consider:

Potential Audio Source Count:

This is the number of audio channels that can be fed into the monitor mixing system. Some of the systems allow you to pick a subset of these channels to mix on a specific mixer. If your church has a large worship team or orchestra, having more input channels as an option can make your personal monitor system more flexible. If your team is small and plans to stay small, a 16-channel limit would not be a problem.

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