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Seraphim Software

Seraphim is designed to maximize users’ outreach and create intimacy between members, regular attenders and guests.

WFM Staff  ·  August 1, 2014

MSRP $ - Subsription based upon size of church

Ministry event management is complicated. There are dozens of ways to contact people and a wide range of events requiring registration management. Managing the scarce resources of event management (meeting rooms, A/V equipment, etc.) can be a challenge, especially as volunteers and staff navigate their way through our increasingly self-service technological culture.

Creating custom systems or integrating various off-the-shelf software packages is prohibitively expensive and makes ministry management less nimble. Going with point solutions that don’t share the same core database can be a black hole, with endless updates and configurations to multiple databases, effecting profiles, processes and data.

Seraphim connects “the back office to the front door,” and it gives users superior control over ministry information from any location. Seraphim is based in the cloud, meaning users don’t need expensive servers or special skills to implement and maintain the solution.

Seraphim is also subscription-based. So, there’s no limit to the number of people who can use the valuable information and the powerful tools that Seraphim delivers. Ministry volunteers and staff members can from home, the office, the road or anywhere with an Internet connection. Seraphim is also mobile-friendly, providing users access to congregation information and contact details from any mobile devices.

Seraphim streamlines users’ processes and makes it easier to see who is coming to the church, how often they attend, the ministries with which they are engaging and how people hear about certain events or ministries. It does so without complicated reports. Seraphim’s dashboards show trends that are easily understood and feature intuitive designs that enable simple action. Users can learn to make positive action and reduce areas of waste (time, energy, money, etc.).

Seraphim’s data engine provides a wealth of information. Using spatial intelligence, users can determine where a new church plant might be successful or where a new multi-campus site might be most convenient for new guests.

Seraphim can help users with directory management, family management, event planning, resource scheduling, safe check-in, attendance tracking and more. Moreover, there are no “versions” of Seraphim. Users are perpetually pushed new capabilities, all from the same system.


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