SwingTrack™ Golf and Multi-Sport Simulators

SwingTrack by Visual Sports is a sport simulator that provides people of all ages the opportunity to play sports through technology, using real sport equipment!

WFM Staff  ·  June 8, 2016

SwingTrack by Visual Sports is a sport simulator that provides people of all ages the opportunity to play sports through technology, using real sport equipment!  Try hitting a home run, throwing a touchdown pass or kicking a field goal - SwingTrack lets you do all that and more with stunning realism, across a range of sports.  From members interested in playing golf to youth groups aiming to stay physically active, the system is the complete fitness and community-building experience!  SwingTrack includes a high-speed camera system, powerful projector, impact screen, touch-screen interface and software package of 15 sports!  The capabilities and technology of SwingTrack make it powerful, versatile and easy to use for everyone. 

SwingTrack’s cameras record and display real-time video captures of golf shots and provide accurate ball flight data.  Combined with the software’s 85+ world-renowned courses, the result is the most realistic indoor golf experience on the market!  SwingTrack’s software also gives everyone an opportunity to play a wide array of sports - from football and baseball to soccer and basketball.  A simple touch-screen interface controls the entire system letting members easily switch between sports and play 365 days of the year, rain or shine!  SwingTrack will be a valuable asset to your congregation contributing to its overall physical and social well being.  Members will feel energized and develop important skills as they engage with others in healthy competition. 

The simulator is also a family entertainment system that helps foster community and a healthy environment for youth, as its games develop important qualities - teamwork, communication, goal setting and more!  Finally, SwingTrack is ideal for fundraising as part of charity events that benefit the church and local community.  Invest in the future development of your congregation and local community with SwingTrack by Visual Sports!

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