The Best Time to Hire a Church Tech Director

Is your team of volunteers starting to get stretched thin? You may want to decide at what point does your church need to hire a leader to head the technical direction.

Mike Sessler  ·  March 3, 2017

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Many years ago I wrote an article on ChurchTechArts on which the following question was posed. I seem to get asked this question a lot and it’s a great way to lead into this article:

“How do you keep your volunteers sticking around? We are a large church approx 3000 members running 5 services and everything is volunteer run.”

“The engineer that runs the services that weekend is there for about 20 hours on the weekend, and the schedule has them running every other weekend.”

“At what point does a church hire a position to “lead” a technical group in scheduling and training?

Not surprisingly, I have some strong opinions on the topic. But before I share my thoughts, I have to admit a certain amount of confusion when this question comes up.

The question is often phrased similarly to the above question and I’ll translate what I think the question really is;

“We’re a good-sized church that places a high value on our production values. We want good sound, good lights and good presentation.”

“We’re not getting it however, because our volunteers don’t seem to have the skills or desire to learn or stick around. How can we fix this (without spending any money)?”

Often, the church in question is pretty well-endowed technically. I’ve talked to one church that has a PM5D, a big Strand lighting console and some high-end video gear, yet no staff dedicated to technical leadership.

And yet, for some reason, the volunteers either don’t really know what they’re doing or burn out and quit.

Pardon the touch of sarcasm…

Here’s where my confusion comes in. Does this church rely strictly on volunteers for their kids ministry department? Nope. Youth ministry? Nope. Adult ministry? Nope.

Do they have a full-time worship leader/music director/worship pastor? Yup.

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