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The Church Facility Manager: An Unsung Hero?

The importance this role has in maintaining the viability of our houses of worship and how facility managers are changing the world through church facility management.

Colby May  ·  February 5, 2018

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In 2013 the US church tithe was around $50 billion. Of that $50 billion, $10 billion (20 percent) was spent on our church facilities (mortgage, utility expense, maintenance and operation).  However, we spent only $1 billion (2 percent) as a church to global missions. 

What am I trying to say with the statistics?

First, please do not misinterpret what I am saying.  We leverage the church facility for a number of reasons: worship, ministry, community engagement and much more.

The church is not the building—-believers are. However, the building empowers and equips the body to impact the world.

The $1 billion we give to missions is a big number and it is invested because we believe in what God can do through the local church.  The local church works in the soil in regards to missions.  It changes the hands of perverted cultures by changing the heart through the power of the Gospel. 

Our church budgets invest in other areas that impact the head, heart and hand: pastors, community engagement, local evangelism, reconciliation, ministries, etc. We can and we must do a better job in the way we invest into our facilities, because the way we invest into facility management has a direct tie to missions.

Let me explain: According to the Environmental Protection Agency 30-40 percent of the energy we use is wasted, which means that expense CAN be recaptured through no cost behavior change. 

YES, I believe this because I have seen this done.  In over 5 thousand energy audits everyone has had a very large opportunity to save through no cost behavior strategy. 

Do you see the opportunity? 

If we can save 30 percent of our utility and maintenance expense this is funding that can go to empower missions. 

I know this is easier said than done, and if we did save 30 percent, the savings could be sent to other ministry related expenses.  This is the specific mission, to empower outreach via energy management, thus the article 

There are a number of churches that are impacting their communities and changing lives through energy savings: The Summit Church in NC, Buckhead Church in GA, Mosaic Church in Austin and many more.  The truth of the fact is there is a very large opportunity to impact change through changing the way we behave. But we can be missing out on this opportunity if we undervalue our facility management team. 

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Colby May
Colby May is a Certified Energy Manager, having performed ​o​ver 1,000 energy audits at facilities across the US. ​A graduate of Gordon Conwell​, he has a specific interest in enabling the faith-based community in sustainability and stewardship in order to empower change. Colby​, the CEO of LIT www.consultlit.com​, is also a husband of ​thirteen years and father of ​two​ adventurous sons.
Contact Colby May: colby@consultlit.com ·  View More by Colby May

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