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The New Stained Glass: 5 Window Styles With Purpose

In lieu of more traditional stained glass exteriors, churches are opting for the clean modern look of regular, clear glass.

M Wagner  ·  September 28, 2016

While stained glass has ruled in traditional churches for a considerable amount of time, a new type of glass is ruling contemporary designs: plain old clear glass. Often used in almost identical spots as stained glass was, along the fronts and visible portions of buildings, as parts of spires or towers, and even above and around entryways.

The appeal to this look is simple, while it is extremely popular as a modern look, clear glass instinctively invites people to “look in” and feel invited to see what may be occurring behind the windows. During day, this also allows natural light to fill the church, creating a brighter, more cheerful feel, while at night the interior can be lit in such a way that it becomes even more eye-catching from the outside.

Scroll through the slides and see some examples of churches utilizing large windows and clear glass to maximize their appeal for a variety of church styles and denominations.


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