Training Your Tech Leadership Events for 2017, Part II

Part ll of 2017 information on conference, trade show and training opportunities available to church technical ministry staff.

Jim Kumorek  ·  March 21, 2017

Part ll of 2017 information on conference, trade show and training opportunities available to church technical ministry staff. For the second half of 2017, there are lots of options, and all are worth looking into.

If you missed it, here is part one

Summer NAMM
July 13–15, 2017
Nashville, TN
NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchandisers, and is primarily useful to visit the manufacturers of smaller gear and equipment for the music industry. While not open to the public, you can attend by being extended an invitation from a NAMM member, and your musical and sound equipment provider may well be a member and can provide this. While probably the least helpful event on this list, it’s a chance to meet microphone manufacturers and providers of smaller ticket items like portable audio systems, as well as all sort of musical instruments and associated backline gear such as guitar amplifiers.

CUE Professional Development Conference
July 21-23, 2017
Madison, WI
CUE is a professional development conference for ETC users of all skill levels including designers, programmers, educators, and students.


Dates currently unknown, but has taken place in the Fall the last two years.
From the SALT website: “SALT is more than a conference. It’s a movement of people desperate to rebuild the creative walls of the church, not for the sake of marketing, but the sake of engaging people with the contagious Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Welcome to SALT: The Creative Arts Conference.

October 10-12, 2017
Dallas, TX
The WFX (Worship Facilities Conference and Expo), put on by the publishers of Worship Facilities Magazine, is the leading church-focused conference on audio, video, lighting, facilities and leadership. This year we celebrate our ten-year anniversary, returning to the city where it all started. Numerous training opportunities in audio, video and lighting, both lecture as well as hands-on formats, are available. Obviously, we’re biased, but we truly believe this is a can’t-miss event for church staff, and designed to be as cost-effective as possible for church attendees.

October 18-21, 2017
New York, NY
The AES (Audio Engineering Society) show is geared towards music recording, so is less useful than other conferences on this list for the average church. However, there are certainly churches and denominational organizations that have a strong music recording ministry, and the AES show can be great for those wanting to learn more about recording and see the latest audio-focused gear for not just recording but also live music.


November 13-19, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
The LDI (Live Design International) is THE lighting show in the US, especially for concert lighting. If your church does a lot of concert-type lighting in your services and wants to get more training on consoles and fixtures, or see the latest gear from the manufacturers of lighting equipment, this is the show to go to.


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