Training Your Tech Team — Events for 2018

These shows all have training opportunities, most have a trade show component so you can get your hands on some of the latest gear as well as talk to the manufacturers’ representatives, and often have an opportunity to connect with other church techs.

Jim Kumorek  ·  February 6, 2018

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Last March we looked ahead to 2017 to see what opportunities exist for tech team training. As training is key to the technical ministries, I’m going to take this opportunity to refresh the list for 2018. Here I’ll cover the first half of 2018; next article we’ll take a look at what’s available for the second half of the year.

These shows all have training opportunities, most have a trade show component where your techs can get their hands on some of the latest gear as well as talk to the manufacturers’ representatives to get more in-depth information than what is offered in the product brochures, and often have opportunity to connect with other church techs and build up their personal network of people to talk to when a piece of gear starts acting up.

And if you know of other conferences that benefit church techs that aren’t on this list, please tell me about them so I can include them next year.


February 27-March 2, 2018
Nashville, TN
The NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) show is geared towards churches and parachurch organizations involved in television, radio and internet broadcasting. Both training as well as an expo where manufacturers and service providers are represented is available. Per the NRB website, “The NRB International Christian Media Convention is a jam-packed, four-day event that connects, equips, and edifies thousands of Christian communicators.”


March 14-17, 2018
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) conference and trade show is geared towards live theater, and can be an excellent choice for churches whose presentation style is less flashy, using more theater techniques than concert techniques. Training sessions on lighting, sound, as well as a full expo for manufacturers of lighting, sound, and staging equipment gives many opportunities to learn new techniques and see the latest equipment that would help you outfit your facility.

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