Value of Impartial AVL Evaluation

Last year a church contacted me about wanting to get an outside evaluation of their technical production systems and processes.

Jim Kumorek  ·  March 7, 2017

Last year a church contacted me about wanting to get an outside evaluation of their technical production systems and processes.

The impression I had was that there were a variety of conflicting opinions on how well the technical production side of their services and events were operating, and that to move past the same issues being brought up over and over again they desired to bring in a consultant to spend several days evaluating their services, events, and systems.

This would include interviewing key staff and volunteers as well, and the end result would be a report outlining what was working well and where improvements could be made.

This was the first time I had heard of a church desiring to do this sort of thing, and I found the idea intriguing. (While I submitted a quote, I encouraged them to look for someone with broader hands-on experience with AVL systems design, which they did.)

Often those involved in a church’s ministry are too deeply invested in their church’s current state to step back and take an impartial “big picture” view of how the church is operating.

Additionally, church staff often have little experience outside of what they have been involved with—they don’t get to visit lots of churches and be involved in developing systems for a variety of church styles and sizes. This puts them in a poor position to evaluate their own systems and procedures.

If your church struggles with running smoothly during services and events, perhaps it’s time to bring in someone who has worked with many churches and has had the opportunity to see different ways of approaching technical production ministries.

The right person would take that experience and merge it with your church’s style and personalities to help see where things can improve, and how to go about doing so.


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Jim Kumorek
Jim Kumorek is the owner of Spreading Flames Media, providing video/media production and writing services to the A/V/L, technology, architectural and hospitality industries. He has led audio, video and lighting teams in churches as both staff and a volunteer for over 10 years.
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