2015 New Product Awards


Transcend™ Active Acoustic System

Transcend Active Acoustic System transforms your space into a multi-purpose venue improving the listening experience. The most state-of-the-art active acoustic technology available, Transcend has multiple pre-set environments with less hardware and less chance for feedback. Transcend is a more stable, simpler and reliable system the includes automatic voice detection capablity.

WFM Staff  ·  December 17, 2015

Enhance the acoustics of your worship space- - now at an affordable price. Transcend Active Acoustic System gives you the control to perfect your sound environment in virtually any space. Energize the listening and performance experience by providing sound uniformity throughout your space. You can now achieve variable acoustics at a fraction of the cost of an architectural or acoustic renovation. This system will make worship spaces usable for both spoken word and musicial performances by using pre-set environments to increase reverberation time. Transcend also includes a “voice detection” feature that automatically adjusts the amount of reverberation when the spoken word stops and congregational singing begins or vice versa. Transcend adapts to accomodate all types of performances applying the correct amount of reverberation when it detects speech, vocal or instrumental performances. Transcend’s new advanced state-of-the-art Lexicon technology stands above others in the market. Developed in collaboration with Harman, this system creates multiple pre-set acoustical environments in one space. Our processor is designed specifically for active acoustics, providing a high performance system at a very affordable price. The system’s all digital interface requires less hardware and fewer microphone inputs resulting in a more stable and reliable system for your space. One Space. Any Performance. Trasncend is simply a Sound Investment.


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