When Cheapest is not the Best

Is price really the best determining factor in proceeding with a solution? Here are additional factors you must include in the decision making process.

Rob Rogers  ·  December 5, 2017

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There is often more than one solution to a problem, but we generally select the least expensive one to implement.

The cheapest choice isn’t always the best solution to solve a problem. Over my 29 years in the Facility Management and Maintenance industry, I’ve been on both sides of the decision-making process to resolve problems.

Now that I’m a contractor, it is interesting how many decision-makers elect to solve a facility problem based more on price than any other factor. Sometimes the chosen solution doesn’t deliver the expected results or resolve the problem.

Price is certainly a very important factor in making decisions, especially these days, but is it really the best determining factor in proceeding with a solution?

Additional factors in the decision making process should include:

❱ Your best understanding of the problem
❱ The impacts associated with the proposed solution(s)
❱ The cost variance of the proposals, particularly if they vary widely
❱ Does the solution really meet the need?

Your best understanding of the problem gives you the basis to select and define a solution. When facing a problem, it’s easy to get frustrated or simply want the problem to go away. Time is of the essence in some cases, and getting the problem fixed quickly is important. But understanding what is causing the problem will help you evaluate the proposal alternatives.

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