Why Churches Should Consider A Broadcast Ministry

TV continues to be a powerful medium, and if we understand how it works, and how it connects with an audience, is a worthy pursuit for today's church.

Phil Cooke  ·  November 9, 2017

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It’s pretty popular these days to bash local churches producing broadcast TV programs. Even megachurches with adequate budgets for media don’t escape the criticism. After all, the history of Christian television shows us that a significant number of programs through the years were downright embarrassing, and if anything, drove people away from the faith, rather than toward it.

But in spite of the mistakes, poor quality, and questionable results of some church efforts, here’s 5 reasons I still encourage churches to consider a broadcast ministry:

1) The audience is still significant.   Amid all the buzz about people moving to the Internet, the audience for broadcast and cable TV is still huge. In fact, it’s one of the key reasons I wrote this post based on secular research that indicates TV is still the most effective advertising medium. If our goal is culture change, then the size of the audience means that TV still needs to be in the evangelism mix.

2) The audience still responds.  The last generation of Christian TV viewers were incredible financial givers. Their response to media ministries built universities, hospitals, and some of the largest mission outreaches in history. This generation hasn’t proven to give at those levels, but if you can engage them with an honest message, and amplify that message across multiple social media and other platforms, they still may respond – sometimes financially, and sometimes through action.

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