6 Wow-Factor Lighting Fixtures for Church

Beyond foundational lighting, here are fixtures to give your service that extra pop.

Jim Kumorek  ·  February 28, 2017

When people think of lighting effects, they probably think about large touring concerts they’ve attended with hundreds of extravagant and expensive moving lights.

However, you can create lighting effects with the simplest of lighting fixtures. Most fixtures allow you to put a colored gel in front of them, and thus can be used to add color to the stage and architectural elements of your room. While simple, this is definitely an effect, and can make a big difference in the environment you create for worship.

If you have a little more budget available, adding color-changing LED fixtures lets you set the color from the lighting console and eliminated the need to purchase and change out gels. This puts a lot of flexibility at your fingertips, and saves significant time for your volunteers. Colors are also frequently brighter and more saturated with LED fixtures.



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Jim Kumorek
Jim Kumorek is the owner of Spreading Flames Media, providing video/media production and writing services to the A/V/L, technology, architectural and hospitality industries. He has led audio, video and lighting teams in churches as both staff and a volunteer for over 10 years.
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