2014 New Product Awards

The Worship Facilities New Product Awards recognizes new technology products for the church market.

Winners were announced on October 1, 2014.

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Federation Helps Churches Go Digital with Signage
The Digital Signage Federation offers resources to houses of worship.

Digital Signage
The Latest Tips on Digital Signage
By going digital you can quickly get your messages out. Graphic displays, more appealing than traditional signage, can be changed instantly to make changes or updates. Here's how churches are utilizing this technology.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage DS4
Piksel Faith’s DS4 is an online digital signage solution purposely built and specifically designed to display daily multimedia content with simultaneous downloads of new and updated content. It displays several digital signage programs on one or more screens and/or display types (LED, LCD, plasma, video-projection or PC screen) using defined location-specific scheduling.