2015 New Product Awards

The Worship Facilities New Product Awards recognizes new technology products for the church market.

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All Audio Products - Large-Format Loudspeaker

Audio Products - Large-Format Loudspeaker
LEOPARD Linear Sound Reinforcement System
Meyer Sound's LEOPARD line array loudspeaker and its companion 900-LFC low-frequency control element represent a quantum leap forward in sound quality and flexibility for small to mid-size church applications. LEOPARD offers a size, weight, and price point that works for a large middle segment of the church market.

Audio Products - Large-Format Loudspeaker
The PL-11 Flat Panel Loudspeaker is ideal for small to medium sized reverberant, wide / large sanctuaries where an equal audio experience for all locations is required. No room treatment required. PL-11 systems feature 165⁰ coverage, feed-back resistance, near equal volume & stereo to all seats, nearly-immesurable distorion and superior inteligibilty.