2015 New Product Awards

The Worship Facilities New Product Awards recognizes new technology products for the church market.

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All Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
AMS Series
TANNOY's new AMS series loudspeakers have been engineered to produce a sonic characteristic that is perfectly matched with the company's award winning CMS 3.0 ceiling loudspeaker. The AMS Series provides a uniformly transparent and seamless sound signature throughout multi-zoned venues equipped with both ceiling mount and wall mount TANNOY speakers.

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
Bigfoot Line Array
The Bigfoot Line Array is the most powerful battery-powered portable sound system. With 130 dB of clear sound and 400 Watts of power, it's perfect for outdoor worships, youth groups, and more. With Bluetooth, four wireless receivers, CD/MP3 player, and two wired mics, Bigfoot is the perfect church sound solution.

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
ICONYX Gen5 Faster Direct TCP/IP control using industry-standard protocols, Gen5 delivers a more than 200% increase in speed of operations. Better New UniBeam technology and algorithms provide an additional 3-6dB of output. Cost Effective Adding Master and Slave amplifier modules and a new hybrid column, reducing both cost and complexity.

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
Mercury Speakers
OWI INC. a manufacturer of Loudspeakers, expanding it's choice in a series of High Celing Pendant Speakers for ease of installation and area coverage of sound disperson. Special application speakers for Meeting rooms, Class rooms, etc. UL Listed.